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A Customized Staffing solution for Enterprise-level Projects

Your business challenges are complex. And you need a world-class team to address them. We are the only managed services provider that brings clients highly regarded consulting expertise combined with deep operational experience. We help you improve key business functions and complete enterprise-level projects, all while cutting expenses and driving value. Our fully customized solutions and resources include assistance with:

Our fully customized solutions and resources include assistance with:

  • Integration of advisory services and operational problem solving so you don’t have to worry about it

  • Project management and implementation services to help complete your initiative

  • Custom-built teams of specialists and support professionals

  • Onboarding and support of all project resources

  • A strategic method for improving operations or reducing costs

  • Systematic reporting to track progress and improvement

Consultants set the strategy

Our Managed Solutions consulting professionals from Stream Global Solutions are subject matter experts in technology, business process, analytics, risk, compliance and transactions. We can advise you on the best ways to solve tricky business problems, minimize risk, drive efficiencies and improve the bottom line. But we do it in a way that best serves your particular needs. The work can be done, for example, in collaboration with you and your resources or with us managing it entirely for you.

Specialized staff executes the plan

With more than 300 staffing locations worldwide, we can quickly bring the professionals your initiative needs on board, no matter where your business is located. We can speedily pre-evaluate, skills-test and interview local professionals to offer you the right combination of technical and soft skills for your project. But we’re not limited to professionals who are already in our network; we have the ability to recruit locally to find professionals with the experience to help execute your plan.

What makes our Staffing Services More Reliable

Thorough IT background

With the profound experience in software development, IT consulting, QA, IT infrastructure services and more, we go far beyond just following the instructions on how to address software issues. We understand software from the inside and apply this knowledge to design help desk processes and address software issues efficiently.

Value for different skill levels

We adjust our support services to every user category, from novices to experts. We solve minor issues reported by new users and offer trainings and webinars that help to quickly adopt new software. For experienced users, we provide the investigation and quick resolution of non-trivial issues. To encourage further self-support, we create a knowledge base with the content tailored for every user group: from beginner guides to articles on how to solve complex issues.

Wide experience of collaboration in IT projects

We participated in numerous short- and long-term projects with both IT and non-IT companies, and we know how to establish effective collaboration within a team. We ensure successful cooperation of our help desk specialists with software developers, network and application administrators, QA team members and other professionals, both in-house or external, to guarantee that each issue is investigated and handled by the relevant specialist.

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